Dry fusion has been developed for today’s carpets. Over the last few years there has been big changes in the construction of carpets and carpet fabrics. The biggest change is that both commercial and domestic carpets have become shorter resulting in a denser packed pile meaning reduced airflow and wetter carpets when cleaned with some carpet cleaning systems. These changes have led to extraction cleaning methods leaving the carpets wetter for longer with more residual dirt left behind.

The Dry Fusion system was designed to give a maximum cleaning and drying performance on these new carpets as it does not rely on airflow to clean and dry.

Dry fusion is the only carpet cleaning system that Hot cleans-deodorises-stain protects and then heat dries your carpets all in one process. This is done by taking the best features of hot water extraction (hot solution, shot of steam) the best features of dry cleaning (low moisture, mechanical agitation) then combining them together with the patented hot cleaning pad system giving you outstanding results.

A Fluorocarbon Resin places an invisible protective shield over all carpet fibres during the cleaning process. This helps to prevent spills, dust and dry grit lodging within the carpet. The fibres are effectively ‘ non stick’ using the dry fusion system therefore resulting in future vacuuming becoming easier.



A unique additive protects fibres that normally allow food and drink spills becoming ugly stains, re cleaning with Dry Fusion using the ‘shot of steam’ will remove most stains without spotting or special effort.


All Fibre Safety

Most other cleaning systems use high pH pre sprays to remove protein stains and oily soils, sometimes followed by an acid rinse to neutralise. The problem with this is most  carpets especially wool and stain treated nylon reject exposure to any pre spray of pH10-12 (even if only for a few minutes) where damage can take place. Dry Fusion uses technology that removes even the heaviest soils from the carpet fibres at a

pH 7.2. This neutral pH is approved by all carpet fibre manufacturers and carpet mills.

Dry Fusions research into Fluro surfactants, Fluro stain protectors and polymer stain blocking resins enables Absorb to use a system that will remove more stains than other wet or dry cleaning methods.


All emulsifiers and greasy solublisers are highly biodegradable and they degrade rapidly. The odour neutralisers of orange and vanilla extracts are natural and are selected for their non-irritant properties and are completely safe for those with bronchial issues and sensitive noses.


Dry Fusions expertise in the area of Fluro surfactants, polymer stain blocking and Fluro stain protectors has enabled Absorb to offer you a system that will remove more stains than other methods while increasing stain and dirt repellency.


When cleaning in a healthcare environment like in a children’s nursery, residential care home , sports facility or even your own home Absorb can apply Bactoshield to not only give you an amazing , more powerful clean ,but to take it a step further and sanitise your carpet against the type of stains and spills encountered in these environments. Medicines,oily lineaments,crayons , make up and even traffic lane yellowing on carpet tiles is removed more easily with Bactoshield .

Tricluson has been used in medical products and toothpaste for many years and is non-toxic and completely safe. It helps to prevent the growth of fungi, moulds and tinea as well as problems like E-Coli and Staph Aureus.Therefore Bactoshield will provide the risk management your customers need for public liability.


With healthcare and sporting facilities notorious for odours like urine, vomit and body odour you can’t beat cleaning with Bactoshield. It removes ammonia and even pet smells, so if it works amazingly in the commercial sector you can imagine just how good it will be in the home .



Cleaner – Stain blocker – Deodoriser

It is a pre – spray for the carpet and pad solution for normal to heavy soiling ,has a neutral pH and is woolsafe approved. ABSORB usually uses Activator on carpets that require a freshen up or has lighter soiling.


Cleaner – Stain blocker – Deodoriser

It is a pre – spray for the carpet and pad solution for cleaning greasy and heavily soiled carpets and is an excellent stain removal solution . Re – act has a natural Orange Fragrance , and is woolsafe approved


Contains no detergents , no perfumes , no enzymes , no aggressive alkalis and no bleaching agent. Pure fusion is a pre – spray for the carpet and a pad solution for normal to heavy soiling, and is completely odourless.


Antimicrobial cleaning solution

It is a pre – spray for the carpet and a pad solution for normal to heavy soiling. It has a neutral pH and is woolsafe approved. Bactoshield goes a step further a sanitises your carpets offering protection against E-Coli and Staph Aureus. It also helps prevent the growth of moulds and fungi. This is the perfect solution for the Healthcare sector as well as the home.


It is a spotter used to remove a wide range of stains without the need for a solvent based spotter or aggressive alkali spotter. Unbelievable protects against resoiling, kills food spill odours has a neutral pH and is woolsafe approved.


A new type of Fluorcarbon stain and carpet protector ,using new fibre locking technology that dramatically improves the bond strength to carpet and upholstery fibres. This will then increase the life and protective finish, improving water and oil based stain repellency to levels not achievable previously with low temperature curing  carpet protectors.